Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn: The Destruction of Wildlife for by Richard Ellis

By Richard Ellis

In elements of Korea and China, moon bears, black yet for the crescent-shaped patch of white on their chests, are captured within the wild and taken to "bear farms" the place they're imprisoned in squeeze cages, and a metal catheter is inserted into their gall bladders. The dripping bile is gathered as a remedy for diseases starting from an dissatisfied abdominal to pores and skin burns. The undergo may well dwell so long as fifteen years during this kingdom. Rhinos are being illegally poached for his or her horns, as are tigers for his or her bones, proposal to enhance virility. Booming economies and starting to be wealth in components of Asia are expanding call for for those worthy medicinals. Already endangered species are being sacrificed for transitority remedies for nausea and erectile dysfunction.Richard Ellis, one of many world's optimum specialists in flora and fauna extinction, brings his alarm to the pages of Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn, within the desire that via an publicity of this drug exchange, anything might be performed to save lots of the animals so much direly threatened. exchange in animal components for normal chinese language drugs is a number one explanation for species endangerment in Asia, and poaching is expanding at an alarming expense. such a lot of conventional chinese language medication depends upon herbs and different vegetation, and isn't a reason for situation. Ellis illuminates these elements of conventional medication, yet as natural world habitats are shrinking for the hunted huge species, the placement is turning into ever extra critical.Tigers, bears, and rhinos will not be the single animals pursued for the sake of assuaging human ills--the checklist contains musk deer, sharks, saiga antelope, seahorses, porcupines, monkeys, beavers, and sea lions--but the dwindling numbers of these infrequent species name us to realization. Ellis tells us what has been performed effectively, and contemplates what can and needs to be performed to avoid wasting those animals or, unfortunately, our kids will witness the extinction of tigers, rhinos, and moon bears of their lifetime.

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The books of the Corpus, the social historian of medicine Roy Porter (1997) tells us, “derive from a variety of hands, and, as with the books of the Bible, they became jumbled up, fragmented, and then pasted together in antiquity. . pdf 57 12/29/05 11:14:14 PM Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine ance through appropriate diet and hygiene, turning to more drastic treatment only as a last resort. As Sherwin Nuland wrote in Doctors: The Hippocratic physicians saw diseases as events that happen within the context of the life of the entire patient, and they oriented their treatment toward restoration of the natural conditions and defenses of the sick person and the re-establishment of his proper relationship to his surroundings.

Medicinals are said to “enter” one or more channels. The substances affect the parts of the body through which the channels are believed to pass and can affect other agents in those regions. , dispelling dampness, extinguishing wind). Tiger bones, for example, are occasionally included in traditional Chinese prescriptions, but their uses are not particularly notable. Today, TCM does not actually equate tiger bones with sexual virility or shark’s fin soup with ferocity. Here, for example, is the entire entry for tiger bone found in the section on “Wind-damp-dispelling medicinals” in the 1996 revision of Wiseman and Ellis’s Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Warm, acrid, non-toxic.

Tons of dried sea horses enter the TCM trade each year. Throughout the world’s oceans, sharks of all species are being slaughtered and their fins cut off to make ridiculously expensive ($100 a bowl) shark’s fin soup, which is believed to confer the savagery of the shark on the drinker. Ever since people developed the notion that the horn of the unicorn could detect poison or cure various ailments, people have killed animals to obtain “medicine” from various parts. Modern medicine, although far from available worldwide, still provides cures for many diseases and infirmities.

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