Samhain: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Halloween (Llewellyn's by Llewellyn Publications, Diana Rajchel

... Recognize hidden intentions. Forgetting to do what you promised – when there’s intent to hurt – can be a passive-aggressive expression of anger.

When your self-esteem needs a boost, here are three positive to raise your spirits: 1. Avoid committing to any long-range projects since variety is your real forte. Consider writing an article instead of reading a book; for example, Gemini Walt Whitman wrote poetry; fellow Twin Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote essays. Stick to what you do best – and enjoy most. 2. Express your real feelings to someone who’ll understand. Reveal those hidden sides of you, those inconsistencies that seem so perplexing, even to you.

3) Your bright intellect can only go so far in taking care of business. Using your imagination to invent more efficient ways to handle tasks will save time. A logical Air Sign, you’ll benefit by associating with those who tend to “feel” their way thru life and “see” things intuitively that others do not. The Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – will inspire you to read between the lives and get more in touch with how much you can do effectively. ” 50 Making maximum use of your Gemini traits to get ahead faster!

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