Objective-C und Cocoa by Klaus M. Rodewig, Amin Negm-Awad

By Klaus M. Rodewig, Amin Negm-Awad

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Examine complicated . internet programming concepts by way of getting an insiders' examine an entire program! SharpDevelop is an entire built-in improvement atmosphere, written in C#. It contains the entire complex good points that programmers anticipate from a contemporary IDE and, after all, enforcing those positive aspects has required a few complex programming thoughts.

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Although you could theoretically write code by hand, the sheer tedium and the likelihood of error mean this approach is never used in a professional environment. ■Note You can use the scaled-down Visual Studio Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, but you’ll run into significant limitations on some of the examples. Most important, you can’t use Visual Studio Web Developer 2005 Express Edition to create class libraries, which are an essential part of modern component-oriented design. NET pages, you need Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows Server 2003.

Furthermore, web pages written in this style can easily grow to unmanageable lengths. If you add your own custom COM components to the puzzle (which are needed to supply functionality ASP can’t provide), the management nightmare grows. The bottom line is that no matter what approach you take, ASP code tends to become beastly, long, and incredibly difficult to debug—if you can even get ASP debugging working in your environment at all. NET, these problems don’t exist. Web pages are written with traditional object-oriented concepts in mind.

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