How to Conquer Your Frustrations by William J. Knaus

By William J. Knaus

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LOW FRUSTRATION TOLERANCE, A BIDIRECTIONAL PROCESS? In some cases, low frustration tolerance promotes organized and productive action. For example, some Type A individuals operate efficiently in their work because of actions directed to avoid frustrations. Low frustration tolerance could act as a helpful signal that impels us into productive action. For example, the individual might get charged up to act then settle into an organized and purposeful response pattern. Generally, however, low frustration tolerance results in decreased efficiency, especially if it leads to disturbed thinking and impulsive, overly restrictive, or self-defeating actions.

Utilization of feedback to improve coping skills In this process we learn an awareness of the scope of our frustration problems; the implications of our actions; personal competencies that we can use to deal with the frustration; the coordination between how we think, feel, and behave; self-inquiry; delaying gratification; and adding fresh ideas to our frustration management skills. We will consider these seven points throughout the book. YOUR NEXT STEP IN CONQUERING FRUSTRATIONS In the next chapter we will look into low frustration tolerance.

So you can see that we would be wise to consider frustration management a serious business and an important goal if we want to avoid disturbance and develop our competencies. LFT LANGUAGE STYLES Perception, thought, and language serve powerful directive functions. As neurophysiologist A. R. " In other words, a person who tells herself that she cannot endure something she doesn't like and believes it will intensify her frustration. Specific self-expressions seem to relate to low frustration tolerance and/or frustration disturbances.

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