Histology : an illustrated colour text, 1st Edition by B S Mitchell; Sandra Peel

By B S Mitchell; Sandra Peel

This quantity within the Illustrated color textual content sequence brings jointly top of the range illustrations and a concise textual content focussed on crucial positive aspects and is perfect for contemporary, scientific undergraduate curricula the place easy sciences emphasise the main issues of relevance to the students.

  • Volume in Illustrated color textual content series.
  • Same first writer as Embryology volume.
  • Clinically correct evaluate excellent for clinical and different well-being technological know-how students.
  • Extensively illustrated with either color photomicrographs and line drawings.

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The polarity is related to the number of cytoplasmic processes projecting from the perikaryon. Many neurons are multipolar and, typically, one axon and many dendrites extend from the perikaryon (Fig. 1). Some neurons in the brain and ventral regions (horns) of the spinal cord are multipolar. g. the eye) and they have two cytoplasmic processes, one an Cell body (perikaryon) Dendrites Nucleus Dendrite Nucleolus Cytoplasm Myelin sheath Node of Ranvier Interruption indicating variable length Axon terminal Skeletal muscle cell Fig.

If connective tissue is damaged, it may be repaired by the ability of fibroblasts to undergo mitosis and to synthesise new matrix. If fibroblasts are actively secreting matrix proteins, their appearance is changed: their nuclei are larger and relatively palely stained and nucleoli are apparent (Chapter 3, see Fig. 2). This appearance is a result of the activity of the DNA (and nucleolus) in the synthetic processes which produce new molecules for the extracellular matrix. (Convention- ally, a cell with the suffix ‘blast’ indicates a rapidly dividing cell.

In contrast, in muscles where fast contraction and spurts of activity occur myoglobin is sparse and the muscles appear whitish to the naked eye. 27 28 HISTOLOGY: AN ILLUSTRATED COLOUR TEXT Cross striations Actin myofilaments Myofilaments A Myofibril Relaxed Muscle cell Muscle cell Nucleus Sarcomere B Contracted Endomysium Epimysium Myosin myofilament Fig. 4 The arrangement of actin and myosin myofilaments in a sarcomere in the relaxed (A) and the contracted (B) state. g. biceps brachii) Fig. 3 The three connective tissue layers covering muscle cells in part of a muscle.

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