Corel Draw X3 Graphics Suite: Programming Guide for VBA by Corel Corporation

By Corel Corporation

Руководство по применению приложений VBA в среде CorelDraw X3. Официальное учебное издание Корпорации COREL©. visible uncomplicated For program (VBA) в CorelDRAW используется во всем мире как платформа для разработки мощных корпоративных графических решений, а также для расширения и оптимизации технологического процесса дизайнера в среде CorelDRAW.

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To increase the height of the Information window, drag the top border of the window upwards to reveal its contents, or scroll down using the scrolls bar at the right of the window. Using the search controls You can search the object model for a matching string. This is useful for finding a class or member whose name you can only partly remember, or for finding classes and members that have similar names (such as names based on, or containing, the word “open”). Searching an object model To search an object model’s classes and members, type a string into the Search box, and then click the Search button.

The workspace features you’ve specified are saved to a single Corel Workspace (XSLT) file with the filename you’ve provided. The status bar and the sizes and positions of dockers can also be exported. If you want, you can export each workspace feature to a separate file. Simply export one item at a time to create a series of XSLT files. When you export shortcut keys, you export all shortcut keys. If you want to distribute only a few keys, create a new workspace and remove all the shortcut keys from it, and then create only the keys that you want to export.

It is highly recommended that you give each form a unique, descriptive name. You can do this from the Properties window, but remember to follow the rules for naming variables in VBA. To test a form by running it • Press F5. Coding dialog boxes Custom dialog boxes can be set as either modal or modeless by using the Modal parameter of the form’s Show method. Show Chapter 4: Creating user-interfaces for macros 41 Because the optional parameter Modal has, by default, the value vbModal (or 1), this code creates a modal dialog box.

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