Colliers en perles de cristal by de Guyot-Guedon, Jean-Luc Syren

The preceding document is broken into a head and a body. Within each section, certain kinds of elements appear. Many combinations are possible — and that’s what you see throughout this book! com and check the area for each chapter. html, for example. Organizing HTML text Beyond the division into head and body sections, text can be organized in plenty of ways in HTML documents. Document heads Inside the head section, you can define all kinds of labels and information besides a title, primarily to describe the document that follows, such as the character sets used, meta data about the current document, scripts to be invoked, and style information.

Newer browsers that understand XHTML ignore the space and interpret the tag exactly, which is (as per the XML rules). HTML doesn’t require a slash with empty elements, but this markup is deprecated (that is, identified as obsolete even though it still occurs in some markup). gif” alt=”header graphic” width=”794” height=”160” /> The element references an image. When the browser displays the page, it replaces the element with the file that it points to (an attribute does the pointing, as shown in the next section).

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