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S. anther, P. vulgaris infructescence with several fruits removed; c , Platanus sp. fruit, 1,s. of same (after Baillon 1866-1895; Le Maout and d , Myrothamnus mosDecaisne, 1873). jabellifolius 1,s. of seed showing minute embryo, seed; e , M. s. of pistil, branch with 0 inflorescences, branch with d inflorescences (after Baillon, Welwitsch). s. 3 flower, diagram of d flower, young fruit and remains of 6 flowers, dehiscent fruit, seed, 1,s. of same (after Baillon, 1866-1895; Le Maout and Ilecaisne, 1873).

S . of fruit, dehiscent fruit (after Baillon, 1866-1895; Le Maout and Decaisne 1873; Sargent). -DIDYMELACEAE: a , Didymeles madagascarensis twig with d inflorescences, part of ? inflorescence, two ? flowers, 1s. of pistil, 6 flower, fruits (after Hutchinson, 1973). DAPHNIPHYLLACEAE: b, Daphniphyllum macropodium d flower, 0 flower, 1,s. of fruit, views of embryo, twig with 0 inflorescences (after Rosenthal). 6 the length of the embryo; endosperm copious, fleshy and oily. Composition: 1 genus, 10 species.

S. s. of same showing seeds, section of a seed showing minute embryo (after Hooker and Hooker, 1837-1982; Prantl). 1 the length of the endosperm; endosperm copious, oily. Composition: 1 genus, 1 species. Distribution: Japan, Taiwan, Korea; at altitudes of 666-3000 m. HAMAMELIDALES Trees and shrubs; xylem vessel perforation plates entirely or mostly scalariform, usually with more than 20 bars; leaves usually alternate, toothed or entire, stipulate or exstipulate; plants dioecious or monoecious, less commonly the flowers bisexual; flowers minute or small, anemophilous or entomophilous; sepals 0 or 4-8; petals usually 0, sometimes 4-5 (-7); stamens 214 (-32), the filaments usually short, anthers adnate or basifixed, the connective sometimes apically produced; pollen 3-colpate, -colporate, -colporoidate or polyforate, rarely 4-ruptate or 6-rugate; pistils usually 1, rarely 5-9, the styles as many as carpels, stigma usually decurrent ventrally; ovary 2-3 (4)-locular in the compound pistils, the ovules l-many per locule, axile, rarely parietal; fruit follicles, loculicidal or septicidal capsule, nutlet or drupe; seeds 1-many, the embryo minute to as long as the endosperm; endosperm copious to absent.

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