Chemical Reaction Engineering Reviews—Houston by Dan Luss and Vern W. Weekman, Jr. (Eds.)

By Dan Luss and Vern W. Weekman, Jr. (Eds.)

content material: Chemical reactor modeling : the fascinating and the a possibility / R. Shinnar --
Liquid-supported catalysts / C.N. Kenney --
Coal conversion response engineering / C.Y. Wen and S. Tone --
shipping phenomena in packed mattress reactors / E.U. Schlünder --
Environmental response engineering / John H. Seinfeld --
The layout of gas-solids fluid mattress and comparable reactors / W.P.M. Van Swaaij --
Gas-liquid reactors / J.C. Charpentier --
Biochemical response engineering / Arthur E. Humphrey --
Catalyst deactivation / John B. Butt and Rustom M. Billimoria.

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