Chemical Engineering [Coulson and Richardson's] (Solutions by J. Brackhurst, J. Harker

By J. Brackhurst, J. Harker

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1 kg/s so that the water is completely evaporated at atmospheric pressure. If the heat transfer coefficient is the same as that previously determined, what volumetric fraction of the bed is effectively carrying out the evaporation? 6 MJ/kg. 6. 9 An electrically heated element of surface area 12 cm2 is completely immersed in a fluidised bed. 092 R0 where R0 , is the resistance of the wire at 273 K is 14 ohms and Tw is in K. Estimate the bed temperature and the value of the heat transfer coefficient between the surface and the bed.

5 mm long. 35. The gas enters the converter at 675 K and leaves at 720 K. 68 kg/m2 s. Calculate the pressure drop through the converter. 032 mN s/m2 . 2 Two heat-sensitive organic liquids of an average molecular mass of 155 kg/kmol are to be separated by vacuum distillation in a 100 mm diameter column packed with 6 mm stoneware Raschig rings. The number of theoretical plates required is 16 and it has been found that the HETP is 150 mm. If the product rate is 5 g/s at a reflux ratio of 8, calculate the pressure in the condenser so that the temperature in the still does not exceed 395 K (equivalent to a pressure of 8 kN/m2 ).

What is the approximate maximum permissible settling period? 26 According to Stokes’ Law, the resistance force F acting on a particle of diameter d, settling at a velocity u in a fluid of viscosity µ is given by: F = 3πµ du The viscosity of water is 1 mN s/m2 . 86 s−1 In order to achieve separation, these particles must travel at least the same distance in time t. 16 A glass sphere, of diameter 6 mm and density 2600 kg/m3 , falls through a layer of oil of density 900 kg/m3 into water. If the oil layer is sufficiently deep for the particle to have reached its free falling velocity in the oil, how far will it have penetrated into the water before its velocity is only 1 per cent above its free falling velocity in water?

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