Chalcolithic Cyprus by Kenneth Hamma, James W. Flanagan

By Kenneth Hamma, James W. Flanagan

This selection of papers provides the symposium held on the Getty Museum in February 1990. contemporary archaeological excavations offer facts that Cyprus had nice cultural and monetary significance throughout the bronze age. The individuals talk about features of the bronze age as they relate to Cyprus and to the japanese Mediterranean. subject matters contain the economic system of the interval, its foundation within the exploitation of metals and stone, Cyprus's foreign impression on exchange and faith, and proof of that impression via interpretation of archaeological websites and artifacts.

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2A). Its 30 EDGAR PELTENBURG Fig. 10. Double inhumation Grave 539, Period 4. The lower parts of the bodies extend out of sight beneath what remains of the roof of the chamber. BASOR 282/283 pear alongside the traditional pit graves that normally lack offerings. With their appearance there occurs a shift from single to multiple interments (fig. 10). That is not to be interpreted as simply a shift to more elaborate graves, but one that entails new attitudes toward access to certain tombs and perhaps a greater emphasis on distinctive social relations.

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Alessio et al, quoted by Palmieri 1983: 658). They comprise nine swords, twelve spearheads, and a quadruple spiral plaque, all of arsenical copper (Palmieri 1983: 394-407, figs. 58-62). Three of the swords have hilts with fine silver inlay (see also Canevá and Palmieri 1983). The southern Levant (see fig. 4) also produced some contemporaneous artifacts. The major and most elaborate assemblage of Chalcolithic metal artifacts and industrial remains have been found almost wholly in preurban Palestine, located as it 42 NOËL H.

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