Calculation of PCB track impedance by Burkhardt A.J.

By Burkhardt A.J.

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The summation of such critical areas would result in double counting of these overlap regions. In order to solve this problem, the total critical area is presented as the summation of some pseudo critical areas between every pair of visible wires Ac (x) = i j Aˆij (x), where the pseudo critical area Aˆij (x) is defined such that Aˆij (x) ∩ Aˆmn (x) = Ø, ∀(i, j) = (m, n). , Aˆij (x) = Aˆji (x). 5. 5, the wire i is split into two segments. One segment has one visible neighbor j on one side and no visible neighbor on the other side.

8. Layout of Multi-segment FinFET 12 Introduction nano-tubes (SWCNT) for via structures and nano wires (silicon and other materials) for devices and interconnect. We will not go into those issues with any depth as it is beyond the scope of this book but we simply wanted to alert the practicing engineer to keep a keen eye on these emerging technologies and their interaction and integration with the classical design flow. 4 Proliferation of Processes Traditionally the fabrication facilities (FAB) owned DFM and DFY in the sense that the starting point of the design process was a hand over of the process design rules from the process engineers to the designers and the end point was the process engineers continuously tweaking the process to improve parameters causing marginal yield or high failure rates until a process is mature.

We will discuss the details of the approximation method in the next section. We ran the proposed method and the traditional shape expansion method on 4 practical design layouts. 6mm to 1mm × 1mm. 1 shows that both methods give very close results yet the proposed approximation method is dramatically faster than the traditional method (note that in the traditional method, we use 20 defect sizes to compute the average critical area). 5 Mathematical Formulation of Approximation Method For this approach, an explicit formula for the total critical area is derived by introducing the concept of pseudo critical areas for the individual wires.

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