Cactaceae of the boundary by George Engelmann

By George Engelmann

This ancient e-book can have a number of typos and lacking textual content. buyers can obtain a loose scanned replica of the unique booklet (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. now not illustrated. 1858 Excerpt: ...E., var.? Rigidissimus: ovato-cylindricus; costis 20-22 interruptis; areolis lineari-lanceolatis confertissimis, junioribus parce lanosis; aculeis omnibus radiantibus arete adpressis subrecurvis e basi bulbosa subulatis acutissimis rigidissimis albidis flavidis rubellisve subpellucidis, lateralibus 12-16 longioribus robustioribus, infimo singulo vix breviore, 8uperioribus 3-6 setaceis brevibus fasciculatis; floribus sub vertice lateralibus; ovarii pulvillis 50-60 aculeolos 8-12 rigidos gerentibus; sepalis tubi forty inferioribus subulatis advert axillam aculeiferis, superioribus 20 lanceolatis acuminatis; petalis sub-20 spathulatis acutiusculis incisota-dentatis purpureis; stigmatibus sub-12; bacca ovato-globosa aculeolata; seniinibus tuberculatis. within the Sierras of Pimeria Alta in Sonom, and farther west, A. Schott: fl. June and July.--Stems 4-8 inches excessive, 2 inches in diameter; areolae 2-2 strains lengthy within the better full-grown specimens, three or four inside one inch of the rib; in a small specimen, with purely 15 ribs, smaller areolae and smaller and extra various spines (30-35, merely 1-1 line long); 12 or extra bunches of spines are crowded in the similar house. Spines all radiating and interlocking, tremendous inflexible and acute, variegated, the newest ones of every season being rose-colored, and the earliest ones a faded yellowish, hence forming variegated jewelry round the stem. Lateral spines 3-4 strains lengthy, decrease one 2 strains lengthy, higher ones nonetheless shorter. vegetation close to the depressed vertex, simply at the periphery of the rounded best, 2-3 inches lengthy, vibrant crimson, or pink. Fruit subglobose, approximately an inch lengthy, pulpy and safe to eat; the fleshy a part of the stem is additionally eaten by means of the population, who name this plant "Cabeza del Viejo." Seed (not fairly ripe) 6 strains long,...

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Thurber; they seem to be nocturnal, as the latter gentleman collected them in the early morning hours, commencing to fade. Ovary 9–12 lines long, whole flower 6–8 inches long, about 2½ inches in diameter; bristles at base of tube 1–2 lines, or upwards 4–6 lines, and in var. β. 6–10 lines long; style not reaching above the large anthers; stigmata about 10, suberect. Berry ovate, 1¼–1½ inch long, an inch in diameter, slightly contracted at base, but not stiped nor even clavate, as I formerly was induced to believe, somewhat rostrate at the upper end, bright scarlet, fleshy, and edible.

Areolæ about one line long, also about one line apart; spines whitish or ashy, and in some specimens with light brown tips; sometimes I find only 14–16 radial spines, (1 upper, 1 lower, and 6–7 pairs of lateral ones); the older and larger ones have 7–9 pairs of lateral spines, 1 lower one, and often 3–5 small bristly upper spines. Upper spines ½–1 line, lower one 1–2 lines, and the others 3–4 lines long. Central spines in a single longitudinal series one above the other, 1–3 lines long. Flower bright yellow, with a light green centre and dark green stigmata, open from 8 or 9 till one o’clock, 2½–3¼ inches long, 2½–3½ inches in diameter, the broad and obtuse petals forming an even uninterrupted margin all around.

Flower 2½ inches long, of the same diameter; petals fewer and narrower than in the last species, only 6 lines wide, paler, (rose-colored,) and mostly quite obtuse and almost entire. Ovary in this, as in the last species, remarkably small and undeveloped, while the flower is fully open; its spines few and short, growing afterwards in length and numbers more than is noticed in any other species. Ripe fruit 1–1½ inch long, with 20–24 pulvilli, on each of them 9–12 bristly spines, 4–9 lines long; fruit green or rarely purplish, insipid or pleasantly acid.

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