Building a Dynamic Europe: The Key Policy Debates by Jordi Gual

By Jordi Gual

This succinct survey comprises an important fiscal coverage matters dealing with ecu governments and enterprise as they attempt to revive progress to the region's flagging economic climate. even if written more often than not in a non technical sort, the booklet includes the various sharpest research to be had of the industrial difficulties presently dealing with Europe's coverage makers and is vital studying for tutorial or expert readers drawn to ecu monetary improvement.

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Hix, Simon (2002), Linking national politics to Europe, London: Foreign Policy Centre. Hix, Simon, Abdul Noury and G´erard Roland (2002), ‘Understanding the European Parliament: party cohesion and competition, 1979–2001’ (mimeo), University of California, Berkeley. (2003), ‘How to choose the European executive: a counterfactual analysis 1979–1999’ (mimeo), University of California, Berkeley. Huber, John (1996), ‘The impact of confidence votes on legislative politics in parliamentary systems’, American Political Science Review, 90: 269–282.

The European party system can also be improved by the correct timing of the elections. Simultaneous second-round elections for the presidency and the European Parliament, or elections for the latter following the presidential elections (as in France), would help to transform legislative elections into elections of support or opposition to the European president. In any event, an elected European executive will need to be strongly constrained and subject to checks and balances from the European Parliament and from the Council.

In the parliamentary model, this mechanism is indirect. It is weakened by the list system generally associated with parliamentary systems. It is further undermined by the fact that centrist parties in coalition governments are often needed to form a majority. Even if these parties are punished by voters and lose seats, they are nevertheless greatly insulated from sanctions by the electorate. A big advantage of the presidential model is that the executive would be better able to react swiftly in times of crisis without facing the danger of a government crisis or inefficient wars of attrition within the executive (see Alesina and Drazen, 1991).

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