British/American Approaches to Intelligence (RUSI Defence by A. Robertson

By A. Robertson

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"An very important contribution to our realizing of the advance of the us coverage making towards Italy within the decade 1940-1950. [Miller's] research of an enormous variety of files within the nationwide files lead him to work out U. S. involvement in postwar Italy as be formed much less by way of fiscal elements than through our wish to create a global order in response to democratic governments.

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By the same token, do the practitioners of each clandestine service realize that they are dependent on each other, as weil as on the analysts? If not , then those who seek an effective full-service intelligence system will continue to be disappointed. Of course, the dominant intelligence culture is not immutable. Changes in the system of govemment, the perceived political context, technology, and relationships with foreign services alter intelligence cultures. Strong leadership exerted by the Chief of State or senior managers of the intelligence system in time also may be able to modify, or even change current definitions and practice .

These add a dimension to the analysis of the overall aims and activities of other political groups. If, in addition, foreign intelligence services are weil placed in the internal workings of a foreign government , they may prove to be a rich source of information on internal as weil as external affairs. The process of CI is similar to the other elements of intelligence. General objectives and specific agency programmes are authorized, usually by the highest levels of govemment, and CI collection is initiated .

Intelligence: a Britisb View 41 Sorge, entirely through his own spy network, was able to tell Stalin that the Japanese had taken the decision to attack the Americans, and not the Soviets. The war was going very badly for Stalin, and on this information Stalin immediately moved the twenty fresh Divisions which were his defence against a Japanese attack from the Eastern to the Western front. There is a case to be made for saying that the arrival of these fresh Divisions when the Germans were very near Moscow and Leningrad was critical.

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