Biophysics of DNA-Protein Interactions: From Single by Mark C. Williams, III, L. James Maher

By Mark C. Williams, III, L. James Maher

Depite the speedy enlargement of the sphere of biophysics, there are only a few books that comprehensively deal with particular subject matters during this sector. lately, the sphere of unmarried molecule biophysics has built in a short time, and some books in particular treating unmarried molecule equipment are commencing to look. although, the promise of unmarried molecule biophysics is to give a contribution to the knowledge of particular fields of biology utilizing new tools. This publication could concentrate on the categorical subject of the biophysics of DNA-protein interactions, and would come with using new techniques, together with either bulk tools in addition to unmarried molecule equipment. this could make the e-book beautiful to someone operating within the common zone of DNA-protein interactions, that is in fact a wider marketplace than simply unmarried molecule biophysicists or perhaps biophysicists.

The topic of the e-book often is the biophysics of DNA-protein interactions, and should contain new tools and effects that describe the actual mechanism through which proteins engage with DNA. for instance, there was a lot contemporary paintings at the mechanism during which proteins look for particular binding websites on DNA. a couple of chapters could be dedicated to experiments and concept that make clear this significant challenge. we'll additionally hide proteins that adjust DNA homes to facilitate interactions vital for transcription or replication. one other part of the publication will hide the biophysical mechanism wherein motor proteins have interaction with DNA. eventually, we are going to disguise higher protein-DNA complexes, equivalent to replication forks, recombination complexes, DNA fix interactions, and their chromatin context.

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Of particular interest here are the proteins known as DNA sliding clamps that can remain bound to the DNA while diffusing vast distances along the double helix of DNA. We do not yet know the detailed mechanisms of protein sliding on DNA, but we aim to familiarize the reader with what is known observationally and to provide some discussion of potential mechanisms. Passive vs. active sliding. Proteins that interact with DNA can be divided into two groups: those that actively move along DNA (“active sliders”) and those that do not.

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