Biology in Physics. Is Life Matter by Konstantin Bogdanov

By Konstantin Bogdanov

Biology in Physics is a thorough new publication which bridges the space among biology and physics. the purpose is to advertise an interdisciplinary trade of medical info and ideas, for you to stimulate cooperation in study. The scope of this quantity explores either the ideas and methods of biophysics and illustrates the most recent advances in our figuring out of a few of the particular mechanisms which are utilized by dwelling organisms. This quantity represents a unique attempt to collect the knowledge that might permit a nonbiologically orientated physicist to understand the $64000 position that physics performs in existence sciences.

  • An creation to biophysics for non-specialist
  • Covers the entire very important topices in sleek biophysics
  • Takes account of the most recent info rising from biophysical projects
  • Reports on novel healing strategies
  • Presents an advanced-level assessment of mechanisms that keep an eye on various procedures in organisms starting from bacterial to whales

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Heart Pulse where 0A, 0B, 0C are the velocities of propagation of a pulse wave along arteries A, B, and C, and SA, SB, and Sc are the cross-section areas of the arteries. It can be concluded from Eq. 2) that there is no reflected wave if the factor in the parentheses in the right-hand part of the equation is zero. 3) Thus, in order to have no reflected waves at the sites of arterial branching, it is necessary that the sum total of the cross-section areas of arteries remain unchanged beyond the branching.

9 . Dependence of the voltage across a nerve fiber membrane on the distance from the voltage source with its positive electrode inside the fiber and the negative one outside of it in the proximity of point I = 0. 18 Chapter 1. Electricity Inside Us flame spreading along Bickford's fuse; but it should be noted that with the former the required energy is supplied by the difference of concentration of potassium and sodium ions on each side of the membrane, whereas with the latter, it is supplied by the quick burning of easily inflammable insulation of the fuse.

Note that the greater part of branchings of major arteries satisfies, to F I G U R E 2 . 5 . Scheme of arterial bed. Branching numberk=0corresponds to the aorta; k = N corresponds to capillaries.

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