Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

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Dll” Make sure your path matches the location of this file, as determined during your installation. Document Root By default, the directory under which Apache looks for files is c:\program files\Apache Group\ Apache2\htdocs\. You can change this to whatever is applicable for your directory structure, but for the purposes of this discussion, create a directory named c:\program files\Apache Group\ Apache2\test\ where you can put files to test them. After you have created the directory, you must point Apache to the new directory.

Error_log Points to the name of your PHP error log file. variables_order Determines the order in which variables are registered. The default is EGPCS, which translates into Environment, GET, POST, COOKIE, and Built-in variables. We recommend that you leave this as the default setting until you are more familiar with PHP and the way variables work. In addition, your third-party host will most likely keep the default setting. This setting applies to all variables on all PHP pages, which we discuss in greater detail in Chapter 2.

Although many third-party Web hosts have turned on register_globals, for security reasons not everyone does; we decided to assume that register_globals is off for the purposes of the exercises in this book. Coding with the assumption that register_globals has been turned off is the safest way to code because your program will work regardless of the server’s setting. Instead of calling variable values by the standard $varname syntax, when register_globals is “off” and you need to pass variables across pages, you need to refer to them in a different way, but only in the receiving page.

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