Beauty/Beauty by Rebecca Perry

By Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry's debut assortment has the duality and symmetry of its name at its center. Beauty/Beauty is a booklet with tenderness operating via its veins, exploring salvation, reparation, and the fullness of being alive; the trouble of defining what love is, the heartbreak, the far off neighbors, the overpowering abundance of items in museums. it's alive with stories, with outdated loves putting round within the corners of darkish rooms, ghost mouths hidden contained in the mouth you're kissing, and eulogies to dearly departed pets. every one poem creates its personal tiny global to be lived in and explored; a stegosaurus is cherished, one million silver spiders play useless, a listing of vegetation is not a listing of plant life, lovely canine are looking to be neighbors, the flightless develop wings, and the celebs flip eco-friendly.

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X: I ask your forgiveness for this act. J: You have it. X: Then place your knees here. J: We are cursed, we who die on our knees, and few. X: Should I tie the blindfold? J: Please don’t. X: For your peace, I recommend it. Move your hair from your neck. J: I think someone is calling me? X: The block… J: What shall I do? Where is it? On serendipity Poor Sasquatch When Sasquatch was found face down on a dual carriageway the world united in a quiet and shameful silence. He was moved to a secure location and subjected to a live autopsy on the Discovery Channel revealing, like a huge rose, circulatory, muscular and skeletal systems much like our own but with all the predictable differences.

Promise as my heartbeat traveling through the bathwater. I like to believe that something of the heart of a woman who lies on her back in the ground is trembling through the water. Love as the smell of limes and roses blowing in the window. The water escapes into the air – this low, slow collusion. VII ■ I AM CARGO Soup Sister And, of course, it bothers me greatly that I can’t know the quality of the light where you are. How your each day pans out, how the breeze lifts the dry leaves from the street or how the street pulls away from the rain.

What sound effects will be required, when (and why, if appropriate)? None, besides the sound of glass smashing during the blackout. What costume will She/He be wearing in the final scene and why? She: Black dress with embellishment around the neckline. He: Black trousers, smart though stained, and shirt with loose tie (to foreshadow hanging). How should the audience feel upon leaving the theatre? The audience should feel both hopeful and hopeless, leaving with either a desire to convey to the person they love how much they love them, or to sleep with someone new.

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