Bad medicine: Misconceptions and misuses revealed, from by Wanjek C.

By Wanjek C.

"Christopher Wanjek makes use of a take-no-prisoners process in debunking the outrageous nonsense being heaped on a gullible public within the identify of technological know-how and medication. Wanjek writes with readability, humor, and humanity, and at the same time informs and entertains."-Dr. Michael Shermer, writer, Skeptic journal; per thirty days columnist, medical American; writer of Why humans think bizarre ThingsPrehistoric people believed cedar ashes and incantations may possibly medication a head harm. historic Egyptians believed the center used to be the guts of concept, the liver produced blood, and the mind cooled the physique. the traditional Greek medical professional Hippocrates was once a huge fan of bloodletting. this present day, we're nonetheless stricken by numerous scientific myths and misconceptions. undesirable medication units the checklist directly via debunking broadly held but unsuitable notions of ways the physique works, from chilly therapies to vaccination fears.Clear, obtainable, and hugely pleasing, undesirable medication dispels such scientific convictions as:* you simply use 10% of your mind: CAT, puppy, and MRI scans all end up that there aren't any inactive areas of the mind . . . now not even in the course of sleep.* Sitting too just about the television reasons nearsightedness: Your mom was once unsuitable. probably, an already nearsighted baby sits with regards to see better.* consuming junk nutrients will make your face escape: zits is because of lifeless dermis cells, hormones, and micro organism, now not from a pizza with every little thing on it.* should you do not gown warmly, you will trap a chilly: chilly viruses are the genuine and merely explanation for colds.Protect your self and those you like from undesirable medicine-the mind you retailer can be your individual.

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Of the thousands upon thousands of baldness cures to hit the market, only two have been approved. Minoxidil was introduced as Rogaine in 1988. This topical solution keeps thinning hair from falling out through, believe it or not, some unknown process. Minoxidil was first a blood-pressure medication; hair growth (in unwanted places) was a side effect. Finasteride entered the arena in 48 SAMSON’S DELIGHT 49 the 1990s, marketed as a pill called Propecia or, in higher doses, Proscar. Taken orally, these pills retain hair that would have been lost by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for balding.

Women have smaller brains compared to men. Are they dumber? Easy now. The average brain size is about 3 pounds or 1,400 grams. 24 pounds, well below average. Lord Byron’s brain was nearly twice this amount, over four pounds. These two geniuses with vastly different brain sizes lived roughly in the same era. Albert Einstein had an average-sized brain, most likely the same size as yours and mine. You can’t even compare humans to other animals. Dolphins have about the same size brain as humans. Elephants’ brains are five times bigger.

Paralyzed individuals can learn how to regulate their bowels, and, in the case of men, even achieve penile erection by controlling autonomic nerves with their brain. But none of this is the unused 90 percent that psychics and other frauds talk about. The “10 percent” figure popped up somewhere in the twentieth century. ” In 1944 an ad for the Pelman Institute, which offered self-improvement courses, appearing on the inside front cover of a wartime Penguin edition of Stella Gibbons’s novel Cold Comfort Farm, was perhaps one of the first to nail down a number: What’s holding you back?

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