Atlas of Stem Anatomy in Herbs, Shrubs and Trees: Volume 1 by Fritz H. Schweingruber;Annett

By Fritz H. Schweingruber;Annett B?de?ed??ede??d???rner;Ernst-Detlef Schulze

This paintings, released in volumes, includes descriptions of the wooden and bark anatomies of 3000 dicotyledonous crops of one hundred twenty households, highlighting the anatomical and phylogenetic variety of dicotyledonous crops of the Northern Hemisphere. The first volume largely treats households of the Early Angiosperms, Eudicots, middle Eudicots and Rosids, whereas the second one concentrates at the Asterids.

Presented in Volume 1 are microsections of the xylem and phloem of herbs, shrubs and timber of 1200 species and eighty five households of assorted lifestyles different types of the temperate sector alongside altitudinal gradients from the lowland on the Mediterranean coast to the alpine area in Western Europe. the worldwide standpoint of the findings is underlined by way of the research of 500 species from the Caucasus, the Rocky Mountains and Andes, the subtropical region at the Canary Islands, the arid zones within the Sahara, in Eurasia, Arabia and Southwest North the USA, and the boreal and arctic zones in Eurasia and Canada.

The presence of annual jewelry in all lifestyles varieties demonstrates that herbs and dwarf shrubs are an exceptional software for the reconstruction of annual biomass construction and the interannual dynamic of plant institutions. the typical precept of the anatomical expression of secondary development is a key consider figuring out evolution and version tactics in all lifestyles types, from the two cm tall whitlow grass (Draba arctica) within the arctic to the forty m tall beech (Fagus sylvatica) in primary eu controlled forests. The examine opens huge fields of study for dendrochronology, wooden anatomy, taxonomy and ecology.

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213. Bidens cernua, Asteraceae, herb.  214. Primula farinosa, Primulaceae, herb. With large intercellulars. 32 R17 Phelloids. Structural variation of phellem (Evert 2007). Phellem.  215. Antennaria canescens, Asteraceae, herb. Uni-seriate, phellem-like layer of cells.  216. Sideritis hirsuta, Lamiaceae, herb. Intra-xylary, uni-seriate, phellem-like layer of cells.  217. Alchemilla alpina, Rosaceae, herb. Radial orientation of rectangular cork cells.  218. Saxifraga caesia, Saxifragaceae, herb.

One-year-old long shoot of a cultivated shrub, succulent zone, subtropical climate, Gomera, Canary Islands. Acokanthera oblongifolia, transverse section.  24. Crystal druses in the cortex and the phloem. Rhizome of a 30 cm-high perennial herb, Sage brush steppe, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Asclepias subverticillata, transverse section, polarized light.  25. Isolated sieve-tube groups (medullary phloem) at the periphery of the pith. Stem of a succulent plant, succulent zone, dry subtropical climate, Canary Islands, Gomera.

All observations made by Carlquist and Schneider (2001) could be confirmed.  6. Upright ray cells with bordered pits (piceoid) in uniseriate axial rows. Amborella trichopoda, radial section. Present features in relation to the number of analyzed species IAWA code frequency Total number of analyzed species 1 2 growth rings indistinct or absent 1 20 intervessel pits scalariform 1 58 dark-stained substances in vessels and/or fibers present 1 59 vessels absent or indistinguishable from fibers 1 62 fiber pits large and distinctly bordered (>3µm = fiber tracheids) 1 70 fibers thin- to thick-walled 1 76 parenchyma apotracheal, diffuse 1 49 Anacardiaceae Number of species, worldwide and in Europe The mainly pantropical Anacardiaceae family includes 75 genera with 600 species.

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