Asylia: Territorial Inviolability in the Hellenistic World by Kent J. Rigsby

By Kent J. Rigsby

In the Hellenistic interval definite Greek temples and towns got here to be declared "sacred and inviolable." Asylia used to be the perform of pointing out spiritual locations precincts of asylum, which means they have been proof against violence and civil authority. The facts for this phenomenon—mainly inscriptions and coins—is scattered within the released list. the cloth hasn't ever been amassed and offered in a single booklet until eventually now.

Kent J. Rigsby lays out those records and discusses their ancient implications in a considerable advent. He argues that whereas a hopeful goal of army neutrality lay at the back of the establishment of asylum, the declarations didn't in reality swap army habit. as a substitute, "declared inviolability" turned a civic and non secular honor for which towns around the Greek international competed throughout the 3rd to first centuries B.C.

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3 for the "status" of Athena Chalcioecus at Sparta is illuminating (see Jaenisch 28). 52. Schlesinger, "Asylie" 64-65; W. Günther, Das Orakel von Didyma in hellenistischer Zeit, IstMitt-BH 4 (Tübingen 1971) 82 n. C. and brought countless violations of sanctuaries and temples"); cf. A. J. Holladay and M. D. s. 36 (1986) 151-160 (Greeks before Alexander took seriously religious constraints on warfare). 53 The decline of religious scruples (whether this was historical or not)54 is admittedly an ancient claim.

Bonn 1975) 89-101; J. K. 12 (1984) 288-289; P. Debord, Aspects sociaux et économiques de la vie religieuse dans l'Anatolie, EPRO 88 (Leiden 1982) 271-286; L. Boffo, I re ellenistici e i centri religiosi dell' Asia Minore (Pavia 1985) 53-79; W. K. Pritchett, The Greek State at War V (Berkeley 1991) 125-132. 49. 50 In strict logic, they do not seem necessary: all temples were supposed to be inviolable, and for a city the option of military neutrality was always there, without need of someone else's declaration.

H. Per. 401, 451-458. Cf. Diod. 89 on the temenos of the Palici in Sicily, with its geysers: it was held in such awe that oaths are sworn here and claims settled; this precinct has remained unviolated/inviolable from time immemorial (), a great aid to slaves with cruel masters, who cannot remove fugitives by force but only upon a pledge of good treatmentno violation of this being on record (). : it was distinguished vel ob insignem munimento naturali locum vel ob sacrata omnia vestigiis raptae quondam Proserpinae ...

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