Ancient Greece and the Olympics (Magic Tree House Fact by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce

By Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce

Magic Tree residence examine courses are actually Magic Tree condo truth Trackers! tune the proof with Jack and Annie!
while Jack and Annie obtained again from their event in Magic Tree apartment #16: Hour of the Olympics, they had plenty of questions. What did the traditional Greeks put on? What did they do for enjoyable? the place have been the first actual Olympics held? How are our sleek Olympics just like the traditional Olympics? discover the solutions to those questions and extra as Jack and Annie music the evidence. jam-packed with updated info, pictures, illustrations, and enjoyable tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree apartment truth Trackers are the best method for children to determine extra concerning the subject matters they found of their favourite Magic Tree condominium adventures.

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In Internet “archives without walls” not only is a broader public able to use archival holdings, but the holdings themselves can be greatly expanded through links to other archival collections; as a result, archival ownership also is being fundamentally transformed since documentary collections can remain in the custody of their original producers or owners and still be broadly accessible (Cook 2000). Despite these radical possibilities, as has become increasingly clear, much is also being invested in preventing the free circulation of discourse online.

23 Framed in terms of transmission rather than verification, citation alerts us to the ethics of history. Second, the shift from historical product to historical production entails a shift away from the “author” and the “work” to the power-laden intertexual borders between reporting and reported discourse within and between conventionally defined textual units. 24 Finally, in de-emphasizing the finished, authoritative text of historiography, the turn to archive brings into relief a multiplicity of textual practices besides writing (or, if we follow Derrida, as “writing,” as dissemination) and a plethora of genres of historical writing involved in documenting the past.

The token citation of a few exotic words in a foreign language can authenticate the translating discourse while reducing the translated language to a list of key words “roughly translated,” as in glossaries found in area studies monographs (Chakrabarty 2000: 17) or the vocabulaire of colonial explorers who oriented themselves toward “using words, rather than speaking” (Fabian 1986: 19). Even though translation can often involve “linguistic alienation,” (Friedrich 1989) as speakers are forced to conform to a dominant language, it is important not to fetishize the “mother tongue,” which itself can be the product of nationalist campaigns of standardization and the eradication of multilingual practices.

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