An introduction to Tkinter by Lundh F.

By Lundh F.

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Good tuning.A pocket guide

Each training tool, strategy keep watch over, and method engineer probably want to have this sensible and to the purpose pocket advisor on keep an eye on loop tuning. stable Tuning: A Pocket consultant is a transportable, concise precis of all of the functional concerns for tuning loops including:
• step by step descriptions of the simplest field-proven tuning procedures
• a desk of general tuning settings
• a precis of valve functionality problems
• good judgment diagrams for troubleshooting and
• over 30 principles of thumb
This speedy reference consultant additionally encompasses a dialogue of ways tuning alterations with the kind of procedure, loop, and complicated regulatory keep an eye on. anywhere you've gotten info and tuning entry, it permits you to estimate the settings for configuring new loops to check and enhance the tuning of latest loops.

Das Internet der Dinge: Ubiquitous Computing und RFID in der Praxis: Visionen, Technologien, Anwendungen, Handlungsanleitungen

Mit dem ''Internet der Dinge'' zeichnet sich ein fundamentaler Technik-Trend ab, dessen betriebswirtschaftliche Konsequenzen und Chancen hier erstmals erläutert werden. Das Buch stellt dabei nicht nur eine klare technologisch wie ökonomisch begründete imaginative and prescient des Ubiquitous Computing dar, sondern beschreibt darüber hinaus in mehreren Fallstudien auch deren Umsetzung in die Unternehmenspraxis unterschiedlichster Branchen, skizziert die wichtigsten Technologien und leitet unmittelbar anwendbare Handlungsanleitungen ab.

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This also sets the ANCHOR index. selection_present() ⇒ flag select_present() ⇒ flag Option Type Description background (bg) color Widget background. borderwidth (bd) distance Border width. cursor cursor Widget cursor. g. xterm). exportselection flag If true, selected text is automatically exported to the clipboard. Default is true. font font Widget font. The default is system specific. foreground (fg) color Text color. highlightbackground, color Controls how to draw the focus highlight border. When the widget has focus, the border is drawn in the Returns true (non-zero) if some part of the text is selected.

Note that if you set this to DISABLED, calls to insert or delete are ignored. Indicates that the user can use the Tab key to move to this widget. Default is an empty string, which means that the canvas accepts focus only if it has any keyboard bindings (default is on, in other words). measure(text) ⇒ integer Return text width. ) ⇒ value Return one or more font metrics. If no arguments are given, all metrics are returned as a dictionary. For best performance, make sure that this font is in use before calling this method.

1999-12-01 22:15 Chapter 24. The Entry Widget Methods Chapter 24. The Entry Widget selection_to(index) select_to(index) The Entry widget support the standard Tkinter Widget interface, plus the following methods: Select all text between ANCHOR and the given index. insert(index, text) Scrolling Methods Insert text at the given index. Use insert(INSERT, text) to insert text at the cursor, insert(END, text) to append text to the widget. These methods are used to scroll the entry widget in various ways.

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