The Alkali-silica reaction in concrete by R. N. Swamy

By R. N. Swamy

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And Matsushita, H. (1986) A rapid method for determining the alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete by autoclave. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Concrete Alkali-Aggregate Reactions, pp. 299–303. 1 Introduction The knowledge that some mineral aggregates are reactive with cement is not new. Indeed, this is the reason why many natural pozzolans can be activated by cement or lime. However, while many reactions occurring internally in cemented systems have beneficial consequences, or at least have no significant adverse effects, the alkali-aggregate reaction does give cause for concern.

5. The diagram illustrates the simplest case where the reaction rate and expansion are being controlled by the ratio of alkali to silica or silica to alkali, both reactant concentrations being equally important for the reaction. Pessimum proportions obviously do not and need not occur at the 50% level. If a reactive aggregate has a higher rate of removal of alkalis than the simple case illustrated, each unit increase in reactive constituent will remove a larger proportion of the starting concentration of alkali.

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