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Good tuning.A pocket guide

Each working towards device, approach keep watch over, and technique engineer may want to have this useful and to the purpose pocket consultant on regulate loop tuning. solid Tuning: A Pocket advisor is a conveyable, concise precis of the entire functional issues for tuning loops including:
• step by step descriptions of the easiest field-proven tuning procedures
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This quickly reference consultant additionally incorporates a dialogue of the way tuning adjustments with the kind of approach, loop, and complicated regulatory keep watch over. anyplace you've information and tuning entry, it helps you to estimate the settings for configuring new loops to check and enhance the tuning of current loops.

Das Internet der Dinge: Ubiquitous Computing und RFID in der Praxis: Visionen, Technologien, Anwendungen, Handlungsanleitungen

Mit dem ''Internet der Dinge'' zeichnet sich ein fundamentaler Technik-Trend ab, dessen betriebswirtschaftliche Konsequenzen und Chancen hier erstmals erläutert werden. Das Buch stellt dabei nicht nur eine klare technologisch wie ökonomisch begründete imaginative and prescient des Ubiquitous Computing dar, sondern beschreibt darüber hinaus in mehreren Fallstudien auch deren Umsetzung in die Unternehmenspraxis unterschiedlichster Branchen, skizziert die wichtigsten Technologien und leitet unmittelbar anwendbare Handlungsanleitungen ab.

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Tail /var/log/messages > $filename # /var/log/messages must have world read permission for this to work. " exit 0 See also Example 12-4, Example 12-30 and Example 30-6. grep A multi-purpose file search tool that uses regular expressions. It was originally a command/filter in the venerable ed line editor, g/re/p, that is, global - regular expression - print. ] Search the target file(s) for occurrences of pattern, where pattern may be literal text or a regular expression. txt The GPL governs the distribution of the Linux operating system.

Hwclock, clock The hwclock command accesses or adjusts the machine's hardware clock. Some options require root privileges. sysinit startup file uses hwclock to set the system time from the hardware clock at bootup. The clock command is a synonym for hwclock. html (4 of 4) [7/15/2002 6:33:49 PM] Next Text Processing Commands Complex Commands Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: Chapter 12. 2. Complex Commands Commands for more advanced users find -exec COMMAND \; Carries out COMMAND on each file that find scores a hit on.

Fmt Simple-minded file formatter, used as a filter in a pipe to "wrap" long lines of text output. Example 12-19. Formatted file listing. /bin/bash WIDTH=40 # 40 columns wide. b=`ls /usr/local/bin` # Get a file listing... echo $b | fmt -w $WIDTH # Could also have been done by # echo $b | fold - -s -w $WIDTH exit 0 See also Example 12-4. edu/~amc/Par/. col This deceptively named filter removes reverse line feeds from an input stream. It also attempts to replace whitespace with equivalent tabs. The chief use of col is in filtering the output from certain text processing utilities, such as groff and tbl.

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