Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide. An in−depth exploration of by Cooper M.

By Cooper M.

This educational assumes no past wisdom of scripting or programming, yet progresses swiftly towards an intermediate/advanced point of guideline ...all the whereas sneaking in little snippets of UNIX knowledge and lore. It serves as a textbook, a handbook for self-study, and a reference and resource of information on shell scripting suggestions. The routines and heavily-commented examples invite energetic reader participation, below the basis that the one approach to rather research scripting is to jot down scripts.

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Test Constructs • An if/then construct tests whether the exit status of a list of commands is 0 (since 0 means "success" by UNIX convention), and if so, executes one or more commands. • There exists a dedicated command called [ (left bracket special character). It is a synonym for test, and a builtin for efficiency reasons. This command considers its arguments as comparison expressions or file tests and returns an exit status corresponding to the result of the comparison (0 for true, 1 for false).

Exit 0 Untyped variables are both a blessing and a curse. ) and make it easier to grind out lines of code. However, they permit errors to creep in and encourage sloppy programming habits. The burden is on the programmer to keep track of what type the script variables are. Bash will not do it for you. 4. Special Variable Types local variables variables visible only within a code block or function (see also local variables in functions) Chapter 4. Introduction to Variables and Parameters 27 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide environmental variables variables that affect the behavior of the shell and user interface In a more general context, each process has an "environment", that is, a group of variables that hold information that the process may reference.

Quoting 33 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide \b means backspace \a means "alert" (beep or flash) \0xx translates to the octal ASCII equivalent of 0xx Example 5−2. sh: escaped characters echo; echo echo "\v\v\v\v" # Prints \v\v\v\v literally. # Use the −e option with 'echo' to print escaped characters. echo "=============" echo "VERTICAL TABS" echo −e "\v\v\v\v" # Prints 4 vertical tabs. echo "==============" echo "QUOTATION MARK" echo −e "\042" # Prints " (quote, octal ASCII character 42). echo "==============" # The $'\X' construct makes the −e option unnecessary.

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