Abner & Me (Baseball Card Adventures) by Dan Gutman

By Dan Gutman

Cannons are blasting!
Bullets are flying!
Wounded infantrymen are everywhere!

Stosh has time-traveled to 1863, correct into the center of the Civil struggle. In very likely his most fun and positively his most deadly journey but, Stosh has determined to respond to the query all the time: did Abner Doubleday, a Civil battle normal, relatively invent the sport of baseball?

It's all right here: colossal laughs, dramatic motion, quickly baseball video games in the course of a battlefield. you may be blown away via this 6th extraordinary baseball card adventure!

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Mom asked. I knew exactly who it was—the one and only Abner Doubleday. I had to admit, he did look a bit like a doofus. As I held the photo, I felt something strange. It was that tingling sensation, the feeling I got when I touched old baseball cards. That was it. I remembered the feeling well. It meant I was about to travel through time! It was going to happen! I dropped the photo on the table before it was too late. The tingling sensation stopped immediately. The photo landed facedown on the kitchen table.

She weighs about a hundred pounds. I know that because she’s constantly telling me, “I have to go on Weight Watchers. I’m a hundred pounds. ” Women are always complaining about how fat they are, even if they are skinny. It felt like I was carrying a feather. Bullets, explosions, and bombs going off all around have a way of distracting you from minor inconveniences, like trying to run through a graveyard while carrying a one-hundred-pound woman. I almost tripped over a bunch of tree roots. Something landed ten yards to the left of me and 51 DAN G UTMAN exploded when it hit the ground.

I looked that way just in time to see a horse charging toward me. There was no time to react. It was going to trample me. I closed my eyes and tensed every muscle in my body for the impact. I didn’t die. When I opened my eyes, I saw the horse galloping off into the woods. It must have jumped over me. 46 ABNER & ME Somewhere in the distance, I could swear I heard the sound of a trumpet. I couldn’t see anything. Smoke was everywhere, and I was keeping my head down. Whoever was out there, they sure didn’t like us.

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