A History of the Classical Greek World, 478 - 323 BC by P. J. Rhodes

By P. J. Rhodes

This tremendous brand new and an expert paintings is extra in-depth than an easy evaluation. Rhodes is an article genius and offers the resource citations unobtrusively for each unmarried factor he says. you could hence tune down the root of each declare or assertion. His judgment can also be very good on every thing. As a graduate pupil getting ready for examinations i discovered it worthwhile. it's going to even be very good for undergraduates. Its insurance of the interval is best than any similar textbook i've got obvious; even greater than Sealey's background of the Greek urban States, that is first-class additionally, and covers previous heritage besides -- yet this is often greater.
Tiniest criticism: a (very) few typos, and the feedback for extra interpreting on the finish of every bankruptcy might have been a bit fuller.

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44). 465/4–456/5. Maintaining control of the helots was always a high priority for Sparta (cf. Thuc. IV. 80. iii). This war, and the fact that it ended in a compromise, will have distracted Sparta’s attention from the wider Greek world. There were young and inexperienced kings on both thrones: Archidamus had succeeded his grandfather (cf. p. 26); by the early 450’s Plistarchus was dead and Pausanias’ brother Nicomedes was acting as regent for Pausanias’ son Plistoanax (Thuc. I. 107. ii). It is no surprise that in the years which follow we do not find Sparta pursuing active policies.

Indeed, its members eventually included Carians, in south-western Asia Minor, who were not Greeks though their history had for a long time been bound up with that of the Asiatic Greeks. The League’s Early Years Thucydides gives a catalogue of episodes in the early history of the League (I. 98–101). Under the command of Cimon (son of the Miltiades who commanded at Marathon in 490) they captured from the Persians Eïon, on the Thracian coast at the mouth of the River Strymon. The area was important for silver and for ship-building timber, and Plutarch adds the information that Eïon was settled as an Athenian colony (Cim.

There are texts giving 476/5 as the date of the colony at Nine Ways coinciding with that at Eïon (schol. ) and of the oracle leading to the capture of Scyros (Plut. Thes. 36. i): some scholars have used other texts to place Thucydides’ whole series of events in the 460’s, but probably we should date Eïon 476 and Scyros 475, and Carystus and Naxos not long after. It is possibly in response to success at the Eurymedon in 469 that Cimon and his fellow generals were invited to judge the tragedians’ competition in the spring of 468 (Plut.

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