A History of the American School of Classical Studies at by Lucy Shoe Meritt

By Lucy Shoe Meritt

A chronicle of the second one 50 years within the lifetime of the yank institution (originally based in 1881). Conceived as a spouse quantity to Louis Lord's 1947 historical past of the 1st part century, the textual content outlines the actions of the college either in Greece and within the usa, starting with an soaking up account of the affairs of the college in the course of global conflict II and carrying on with throughout the Centennial in 1981, with chapters at the summer time consultation, the School's excavations, its courses, and the Gennadeion. The huge appendixes contain lists of all of the Trustees, Cooperating associations, contributors of the handling Committee, employees, fellows, and contributors of the varsity considering that its inception in 1881, and upload drastically to the usefulness of this quantity. The author's first-hand wisdom of the folk and occasions of the interval mentioned contributes materially to its intensity and aspect.

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Unlike film stars, gods always made their lady pregnant. If a god made love to her twice in succession, she had twins. 6 The potential presence of these gods was keenly felt on festival days when their statues came out from the temples which were built to be their houses. On other days visitors might find a temple unlocked and go in to contemplate a god's statue. What visitors did not do was sit inside and participate with a priest in a service. There was no polytheist Church, no special training or theological essentials for being a 'priest' or a 'priestess'.

Meetings with so many non-Greeks, from Spain to the Crimea, can only have helped to sharpen the settlers' existing sense of their Greekness. They also had a sttong sense of kinsbip with the distant 36 THE GREEKS' SETTLEMENTS Greek poleis which had founded them. By c. 650 Be we first encounter the word 'Panhellenes', 'all Greeks together'; by c. 570 Greek visitors to Naucraris in the Nile Delta had a special temple, a Greek 'Hellenicn'. Across the Mediterranean, settlement had helped to reinforce the settlers' underlying Greek identity.

In the eighth and seventh centuries these clans and castes were certainly aristocratic, even before the word 'aristocracy' was in use. In any society, particularly a pre-scientific one, noble families are at risk from infertility. In the Greek city-states, adoption was permissible, a crucial social fiction, and, as riches spread into non-noble hands, marriage to a non-noble rich bride could re-establish the fortunes of a noble line. So a nobility could maintain itself sufficiently across the generations.

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