A Great and Growing Evil?: The Medical Effects of Alcohol by Royal College of Physicians

By Royal College of Physicians

First released in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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Reduced motor and intellectual performance conflicts with feelings of enhanced ability. The individual loses emotional restraint and becomes excessively and sometimes inappropriately jocular, aggressive and occasionally paranoid, or full of self-pity. More severe intoxication leads to increasing drowsiness and THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 33 then coma, with depressed tendon reflexes, low blood pressure, and low body temperature. Respiration becomes slow and stertorous. The pupils may be dilated or constricted.

Consumption and Ill-Health in Individuals What is the relationship between levels of individual consumption and the development of disease? Much of our knowledge of the adverse effects of alcohol comes from studies on ‘alcoholics’. Interpretation of these studies is, however, difficult. There are problems with definitions as we have indicated, and excessive drinkers are exposed not only to the effects of high alcohol intake but also to other adverse influences, such as dietary deficiencies and cigarette smoking.

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