A Century of Bibles: The Authorised Version from 1611 to by W. J. Loftie

By W. J. Loftie

William John Loftie (1839-1911) wrote prolifically on themes regarding shuttle, paintings, structure, and historical past. during this 1872 paintings, his said hope used to be to enquire these variants of the permitted model released within the century following the preliminary 1611 textual content. Noting that different historians had 'stopped brief' while achieving that stated fruits of English biblical scholarship, he went extra, claiming it was once 'no exaggeration to claim that our sleek Bible is altered all through from its unique, for the higher in a few areas, for the more serious in some'. His catalogue and dialogue of a few of the texts concerned integrated these from the British and Bodleian Libraries including extra lists from students Lea Wilson and Francis Fry. Surveying English variants of the Bible released in the course of a occasionally contentious century, Loftie's paintings unearths how printing and enhancing practices did, through the years, impact even the possible static authorized model of the Bible.

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Ioh. 3. 17. For Godfent not his Sou into the world, for Sonne, ver. 21. Cap. 6. 11. Loves for Loaves. Cap. 18. 9, 36. Grofle faults, and a dangerous corruption viz. If my Kingdome were of this Word for World. Afts 2. 27. Becaufe thou wilt not leave my Oul in Hell, for Soul, &c. Cap. 9. 36. Gsr/>. 44 SL Ctnturp of 3ibU0- 10. 14. Cap. 21. 2. Nonfenfe. Cap. 24. 24. w for Jewejfes. Cap. 26. 2. Nonfenfe. Rom. 1. 7. Cd/>. 9. 23. Cap. 11. 14, 32. A groffe error, viz. Concluded all in unbelief for them all, to wit, the Jews.

9. 22. men for means. 2 Cor. 8. 9. C<«/>. 11. 32. Of the Damqfcens, left out. y5. 2. 16. i&£. 9. 8, 15. Cap. 12. 1. 1 P^/. 2. Nonfenfe in the Contents. Exhorteth for Dehorteth, ver. 21. Leaving us as «» example. A dangerous Error. 2 Pet. 1. 11, 19. 1 Joh. 1. 24. Cd/>. 4. 10. Jud. ver. 4. £i\ 9. 18. Cizp. 17. 4, 14. Cap. 19. 10. C*p. 22. 17. 7. Moreover during the time of the late Parliament, great numbers of Bibles in a large 120 volume, were imported from Holland in 1656 with this falfe Title (Imprintedat London by Rob.

This epiftle is fingularly unfortunate in the annals of errata, for in the 20 a Cmturp of fecond folio, ifliied in 1611, in which the miftakes committed in the firft were fuppofed to be corrected, we find Firft and Second Corinthians fubftituted in the Lift of Books for Firft and Second Chronicles. The fame vol u me contains an even more ferious error: in Matt, xxvi. 36, we read, " Then commeth Judas with them unto a place called Gethfemane;" while in many copies the right name, printed on a flip is pafted over.

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